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Prop (Unpacking Potential Threat)

ice, frozen clothing, belt, Ibuprofen, hair ties, rubber bands, gum, pencils, book pages, tampons, floss, sponges, Band-Aids, performed by Nyika Campbell and Bruno Geoly, documented by Benjamin Lee Hernstrom, Sarah Mccormick, and Scott Smith, 8’x 2’ x 5’

The second suitcase is called Prop. It is cast out of ice and filled with guns. The guns are composed of things you might expect to find in a suitcase: clothing, underwear, socks, earplugs, sleeping masks, Ibuprofen, book pages that are frozen into the shape of a gun. As the ice suitcase melts it turns from an opaque frosted surface to a wet translucent one. Its pedestal references the security check area of an airport. There are two performers located on either side who pass the suitcase between them and process it and its contents. The performers pull apart and dismantle the guns with chisels, rolling pins, heat guns, saws, hammers, hands, and tweezers. The ‘gun-ness’ of the object falls away, bringing to the forefront the qualities of the everyday materials from which each gun is made: the sponges expand, the Ibuprofens’ red casings bleed away, and the clothing turns soft and pliable.


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