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Narrowing Corridor/ A Cultivated Atmosphere; Collaboration with Georgia b. 

Silicon, silverware, plates, mouth, magnets; 1' x 1' x 1.5'

The work consisted of a silicone mouth adhered to the center of a stack of 30 brushed aluminum plates. Atop the stack, a mouth is concealed by a translucent silicone bubble. On each side of the plates, a set of stacked utensils (forks on the left, knives on the right), were mounted in a manner resembling a floating, extruded place setting. A concealed pump draws air out of the silicone bubble, which encompasses the mouth-form, collapsing the bubble and drawing it against the shape of the mouth. Air was then slowly pumped back into the bubble so that it inflated and expanded back to its original form. This cycle of inflation and deflation corresponds to a cycle of revelation/concealment. The choreography of mechanical breath imbues the work with a sense of anxiety and claustrophobia. 

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