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Plastic: The World-Renowned Escape Artist

frozen glue, nylon stockings, wood, foam, lights, canvas, buckles, plaster, 8' x 1' x 7", 2019, created at Salem Art Works

Plastic is a mysterious powerful material that is currently overwhelming the world-- creeping into all its corners, inserting itself into human DNA. With Plastic: The Word Renowned Escape Artist, I wanted to take plastic out of the conversation of something that is trivial and therefore easily discarded. I was interested in presenting it as defying containment and having an almost mystical prowess. The bottles are hollow and cast out of frozen glue. Each "water bottle" is surrounded by a nylon stocking and strapped into its individual spot-lighted alcove. The bottles melt out of their restraints and into funnels located under their platforms. The funnels lead to a pipe which directs the flow into a larger plastic container. 


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